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Medical tourism

Hectic lifestyle, demanding job, anxieties and problems of everyday life result in fatigue and increased irritability. Sanatorium and spa treatment will help you recharge your batteries and regain confidence.

Belarus offers great health-improving opportunities at sanatoriums and spas for people wishing to spend their holiday with benefit to their health.
Belarusian health resorts are located in the most picturesque corners of the country: in pine forests, on the banks of rivers and lakes. Simply looking at nature is healing to the mind, body and spirit. Belarus enjoys a moderate continental climate with mild winter and warm summer, which makes it possible to holiday in Belarus all the year round.

Belarus has a variety of resources for the development of medical tourism. There are mineral water springs and therapeutic mud deposits.

There are two types of therapeutic mud in Belarus – sapropelic and peat mud. They are rich in cellulose, acids and microelements. The muds are applied in arthropathy, dermopathy and muscular diseases treatment.

Local mineral water is used to treat diseases of the digestive and biliary tract, liver and metabolic disorders, as well as peripheral nervous system, diseases of the circulatory and respiratory systems. One can undergo treatment with Anapa slit therapeutic mud or Azov knoll mud.

Mineral waters in several Belarusian spas are identical to those of Lithuanian Druskinkai or Ukrainian Truskavets resorts. Certain resorts in Polesie region boast sulfide waters and natural radon waters.

Spa network in Belarus includes a number of children’s sanatoriums. They offer the following services: treatment of respiratory and cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, musculoskeletal and nervous systems and gastrointestinal tract, gynecological diseases and circulatory diseases.

Belarusian therapists will propose you a proper diet during your stay at resorts.

Each health resort takes care of its guests and offers comfortable accommodation in cozy cottages. There you choose between deluxe and semilux suites, standard rooms.

One can book weekend, week or ten-day vouchers in Belarusian sanatoriums. In some resorts you can book whatever period you like to stay, while some spas run on a special schedule, so you might want to book a voucher in advance.

Every sanatorium has its unique atmosphere, which will make your recreation unforgettable. Whether it is air saturated with negative ions because of the mixed forests in the immediate vicinity of a river, or the surprisingly clean air because of pine forests along the shores of a calm lake - everything works for your benefit.