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Visitors shall behave appropriately and be respectful of other visitors and venue staff.

Visitors of the venues of the 2nd European Games 2019 (hereinafter, the Games) shall not abuse, endanger, annoy or disturb (unless absolutely necessary) other visitors and Games' venue staff. Visitors must comply with all instructions of the Games venue staff.

At all times whilst present at the venue, spectators must:

-         Refrain from any disorderly conduct; avoid causing injury or property damage to other spectators, competitors, Games' venue owners as well as public order officers and public safety officials;

-         obey lawful orders of the Games' venue staff and law enforcement officers responsible for public order and safety at Games time;

All spectators and vehicles seeking entrance to the Games' venue and/or its immediate surrounding areas are admitted subject to inspection and search.

Spectators are allowed to bring water or soft drinks inside the venues in transparent plastic packaging (PET bottles) not bigger than 0.5 litre.

Things that are on prohibited items list must be put in the storage room for safekeeping at the Games' venue;

Spectators are allowed:

-      to occupy only the seat(s) allocated to them by their ticket(s);

-     to go to their seats only via the corresponding entrance unless otherwise instructed by the Games' venue staff. Spectators may be asked by the Games venue staff, in the interests of public safety and good order, to move to other seats (or from one part of the Venue to another).

Visitors seeking entrance to the Games' venue and/or its immediate surrounding

areas are prohibited from*:

-         entering and staying at the Venue in the state of alcohol or drug intoxication (narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues or other intoxicating substances);

-         consuming spirits and low-alcohol beverages including beer (except in areas expressly designated for this purpose);

-         carrying and/or using things that are on prohibited items list;

-         carrying and/or using simulators and replicas of offensive weapons, firearms, gas spray guns or arms, explosives and ammunition;

-         using open fire sources; smoking; consuming narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues, or intoxicating substances;

-         carrying any objects, the dimensions of which exceed 40x40x45cm except in cases when these objects are permitted by the Games' venue staff;

-         hiding faces, wearing masks or any other appliances designed to hide identity; compromise public safety by acting in ways that pose a threat to life and health of athletes, accredited participants and spectators;

-         expressing views that justify war, extremist activities including the use of posters, banners, etc.

-         carrying and/or using flags and/or pennants not registered in accordance with the established procedure, as well as emblems, symbols, posters, banners and other items designed to violate public order, rights and legitimate interests of other visitors, accredited participants and Games' venue staff;

-         obstructing any law enforcement officer or member of Games' venue staff responsible for public safety and security by hindering, delaying or obstructing otherwise in the discharge of their official powers or duties;

-         throwing of any objects at other fans, participants and other persons within the competition venue or its immediate surrounding areas;

-         blocking the flow of people by standing in the stairways, corridors, entrances and exits (main and emergency);

-         arriving at the venue with animals (except service dogs and guide dogs that must be kept muzzled and on a lead);

-         conducting unauthorised vending activities (including ticket sales or sale of ticket-substituting documents by unauthorised agents); disseminating materials of a political or religious nature (including posters, leaflets, booklets, etc.);

-         using pyrotechnic products; violating public order; act in any way inconsistent with the established order and procedures of the Games; incite other persons by any means to the actions listed above.

Persons who fail to comply with these Rules shall be ejected from the competition venue with a potential indefinite ban from entering the Games' venue. In this event the cost of ticket will not be refunded. Persons who fail to comply with

these Rules shall be liable to prosecution under the applicable law.

In the interests of public safety and good order, the Host City authorities may introduce additional rules and restrictions prescribed by the legislation.

* In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus No.125-3 d/d 04.01.2014 (as amended on 09.01.2018) "On Physical Culture and Sports", and the Resolution of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus No.60 d/d 31.08.2018