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Belarus' border authorities provide guidelines for visa-free travelers

Foreign nationals who decide to take the opportunity to visit Belarus visa-free shall be required to have certain documents on them, Oleg Lyashuk, the head of the border control department at the State Border Committee of Belarus, told reporters on 10 February, BelTA has learned. 

“When crossing the state border in the border checkpoint in Minsk National Airport a visitor must have a valid passport or other valid document permitting travel abroad, and medical insurance. Insurance can be purchased on site, in the border checkpoint,” Oleg Lyashuk said. 

As an additional requirement a visitor entering Belarus under the visa-free regulation must have the daily monetary allowance for each day of stay in currency or Belarusian rubles in the amount equal or exceeding 2 base amounts whereas each base amount is equal to Br23. 

However, tourists are not required to carry the required amount (as per above) in the form of cash. In order to check the required daily monetary allowances border officers will be using services of bank employees located in the airport. 

When entering the Republic of Belarus a traveler's passport and a migration card will be stamped. 

They will be checked on their way back. Border guard authorities say they are ready for the visa-free entry launch. 

They have already gained such experience as Belarus hosted the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. Belarus has a three-day visa-free entry for tourists visiting Belovezhskaya Pushcha, and a five-day visa-free entry for those who want to visit the Augustow Canal. 

Oleg Lyashuk added that Belarus has applied a set of measures to ban entry to the Russian Federation to the persons whom the Russian Federation views as undesirable. 

“We will continue implementing these measures to make sure we do not cause any inconveniences to our neighbors,” he stressed.