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Sport and Recreation

There is no greater value than health for a human and the society on the whole. People’s health, promotion of physical education and sports is the priority of Belarus’ social policy. Physical education, mass sports, and recreation are the universal means to strengthen health and cultivate a healthy way of life.

The government has worked out and introduced legal acts to make physical culture and education a significant element in the state education and upbringing system.

Every oblast center has modern sports facilities. In the long run such venues will be built in every city with the population over 100,000. The construction of certain facilities is already underway. It is important that big sports facilities are built not only in the capital but also in the most remote regions.

In Russia they have calculated that if the children start doing sport and get sick just 10-15% less, this would save RUB2.1 billion a year. In the UK, Germany, Holland, Finland, about 30% of the population are physically active.

The UNESCO research revealed that every dollar invested in physical education saves 3.2 dollars of medical expenses.

The government has set out a clear task to promote mass sports activities in every community. The local authorities have been empowered to fulfill this task.

Various national, urban and regional sports events are held annually in Belarus. They are Belarusian Ski Track, All-Belarus Sports Event dedicated to Belarus’ Independence Day, Golden Puck (ice hockey), Golden Ball (football), Swift Ball (Handball), White Rook (Chess), and Ball over Net (volleyball) tournaments, Motherland Defender conscript spartakiades, Yazyl Dozen race, All-Belarus Cross-country run for the prizes of the Sovetskaya Belorussia newspaper.

The Sports and Tourism Ministry views physical education of youth as high priority and organizes sport clubs for schoolchildren and students.

Another priority for the ministry is to create favorable conditions for mass sports promotion in rural areas.

Our task is to get 30-40% of the population go in for sports and physical activities, and all the prerequisites are in place for reaching this goal.