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Team Belarus unveils Olympic uniforms Team Belarus unveils Olympic uniforms
30 June 2016
Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko was shown the ceremony and performance uniforms of the Belarusian sport delegation at the 31st Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro
Belarus is by right called a sports nation. The state is committed to and shoulders the responsibility for the development of the sports sector. The state is engaged in drafting regulations associated with sport, development and funding of the sports sector, construction and maintenance of sports facilities, fitness centers, sports clubs, training of elite athletes, coaches and other specialists and ensuring their social security, R&D and information activities.
Tourism is an important sector of the national economy of Belarus. Belarus has created all necessary conditions for the development of inbound tourism. Belarus is a state open to cooperation, including in tourism.
There is no greater value than health for a human and the society on the whole. People’s health, promotion of physical education and sports is the priority of Belarus’ social policy. Physical education, mass sports, and recreation are the universal means to strengthen health and cultivate a healthy way of life.
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